What is a (Natural Hair) Meetup?



Everyone wants healthy hair. Whether you wear it relaxed or natural, curly or straight, short or long.

At some point everyone searches for answers to improving flaky, itchy, irritated scalp or dry lackluster hair. Or maybe you want tips on how to maintain your child’s wayward tresses. You don’t mind going to the salon, but really need to be able to maintain your hair on you own.

Well guess what? There are groups of liked minded people out there that plan get togethers ,large , small and any size in between!

What happens at these get togethers? Well although the itineraries may vary from host to host and event to event, for the most part there are some basic things to expect:

Mix and Mingle with like minded neighbors- Now we don’t have to explain this, social butterfly! We know that your sparkling charm lights up a room!

Be edutained (educated + entertained ) – How’s that? You ask? Well , whether there is a self taught affecianado or an invited product rep or healthy/natural hair  professional signed on to share information  and or do a live demo and answer questions, the information shared is priceless. Add  to that icebreaker games, light refreshments, shopping great local brands and the occasional giveaways or swag bags…. Oh, you’re going to be edutained!

Support and Comradery- Never joined a sorority or fraternity? Well attend a local natural hair meetup and YOU’RE IN! (that’s it..no questions asked!)  Experience loving support, inspiration and more.

Search for a natural hair group, meetup or event near you, let us know your thoughts😍!

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It’s INHMD season!


This year marks the 5 year anniversary of International Natural Hair Meetup Day! That’s right on Sat May 21st , We will be joining 50 host cities worldwide for  this party that celebrate the beauty that is YOU ! Whoot, whoot! And guess what ladies & gents?  NJCURLFRIENDS is pleased to announce that…….drumroll please………. We are hosting an event  once again! Yup we are now 3x hosts of #inhmd and we can’t wait to get the celebration started.  Details coming soon!

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