Hair’itage The Play: The Journey of Sistahs with their Hair is premiering in New Jersey!




After entertaining sold out audiences in California, Georgia, Times Square and more, Hair’itage The Play is coming to New Jersey! 

NJCurlfriends in collaboration with 4loveproductions invite you to playwright and director, Niccole Nero Gaines, highly acclaimed play, Hair’itage The Journey of Sistahs with Their Hair, on stage in Elizabeth NJ on Sat. Nov. 11th !


We are so excited to bring you a day of fun with vendor shopping and your choice of 2 shows a matinee at 3pm and a Curlfriends Night Out dinner theater ( with appetizers, dinner,dessert & wine) celebration at 8pm. Tickets are available online now starting at $27 for Matinee tickets.


Hair’itage The Play uniquely tells the evolution of the Black woman’s hair. Six “sistahs”- with different styles and grades of hair share how their hair has defined them, their love lives, self-image, and careers. Funny, deep, inspiring, and sometimes sexy, Hair’itage opens a deeper conversation around Black femininity, social perceptions, and how hair impacts the lives of Black women.

Each sistah shares their love-hate relationship with their hair; telling secret wishes and fears, jealousy and adoration, and the acceptance or rejection from their lovers, mothers, bosses, friends, and self.


More than the popular “love your hair. love yourself” speech, HAIR’itage the Play is a captivating experience that reveals how a woman defines herself by the hair style she chooses. Long, straight, bald, colored, or natural – women of all hair types will be impacted by this unforgettable play.


Playgoers leave in awe – empowered. Some even share tears of joy, as they can relate to the storyline from a personal perspective. Hair’itage is a journey that women, and men, from all walks of life, socio-economic backgrounds, and cultural backgrounds will enjoy.


As quoted by the NY Amsterdam News “Throughout the play, the six sistahs engage in a much-needed dialogue about hair and how it is intertwined with race relations, love, and respect in the Black community……Gaines’ impeccable writing and the talent of the actresses more than exceeded expectations…”


Join the sistahs on their journey of discovery, balance, and beauty. Gain insights into what YOUR hair means to you, your life choices and beliefs, and happiness.


And of course we have to do things in NJCURLFRIENDS fashion with a pop up shop featuring awesome vendors , Giveaways and more.

So bring your squad, your mom, sis, your kiddos, or your bae for a fun afternoon or a glam night out, whichever you choose, you will be happy you treated yourself ! See you there !

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